termite holes in bat ceiling by stk texture of termite damaged wood with termite holes termite exit hole in the ceiling this tiny hole appeared in my drywall ceiling recently pin for scale it goes up to the insulation and i heard rustling noises that lasted for a few photo of nutwood east apartments fullerton ca united states 20 plus termite holes in the ceiling al on ur two exles of termite mud on drywall known as exit holes this is where termites will swarm out of usually noticed in the spring exit holes swarming termites will normally swarm from an exist hole that was created by the subterranean termite worker the only caste member that eats termite exit holes enter image description here enter image description here so my mom discovered little holes in the ceiling that none of us have noticed before we have no idea what they are we doubt termites since they don t subterranean termites in ceiling mysterious holes appearing in drywall does anyone have insight as to what may be causing this green termite bait systems termite prevention termite tips termite information termite s termite control termites and white ants attached images termite damage on ceilings termite damage fixer upper damaged tonopah arizona home house termite wood damage termite s on ceiling termites in ceiling drywall allaboutyouth net close up of beetle boring holes hole in wall near ceiling one day s debris termite ceiling damage pencil to get the holes in the right places onto the ceiling then drilled five tiny holes inserted ribbed plastic anchors into each hole enter image description here please help hanging subterranean termite glendale arizona home house foreclosure termite exit holes these little seeds keep falling into my room from my ceiling any idea what they are image of a termite up close in the phoenix az valley subterranean termites are by far the most mon termite species hole in wall near ceiling solvedthese image led identify a termite infestation step 8 subterranean termite s bedroom wall damage neglect fixer upper home house phoenix the best way to ensure you don t have to deal with termite damage to floors or ceilings is to try and prevent costly repairs before they happen termite wall damage pests we treat termite exit holes found in ocean grove nj normally you notice what seems termite exit holes pestcemetery termite signs termites eat gyprock termite in ceiling attached images arlingtonhouse mud phoenix az termites hanging from ceiling termites fall from ceiling